Welcome to my blog! I have been intrigued by the idea of a blog for a while now. When I was a girl I always wanted to keep a diary. But, I would get one and keep up with it for a week or two. Hopefully I'll do better with this! This blog probably won't be especially exciting, but if you want to hear about what's going on at our house then just read on!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Megan Loves those Birds

I have been wondering why Megan has been begging to go to her Nanna's house everyday for the last week or so. Today I found out why. Last week Lena told her about a hummingbird that flew into her window and knocked itself out. Lena said she picked it up and rubbed it and it flew away. So, Megan has been camping out at her Nanna's house almost everyday watching the hummingbirds just hoping that one of them will knock themselves out. :) She REALLY wants to hold a hummingbird!

On another note, I took Taylor to the doctor today to find out why she has been sick off and on for almost a week now. He tested her for strep throat and mono. But, determined that she just has a virus. So, I guess we'll have to let it take it's course.


  1. I just laughed out loud thinking about Megan waiting for a hummingbird to fly into a window! hahaha! I saw one for the first time a few weeks ago and before I could get the boys to the window it was gone, and I haven't seen it since. It got my attention because I thought it was a huge bee. But just a tiny bird!

  2. Megan got to hold a humingbird the day after I posted this! It was a dead hummingbird, but she didn't care. They watched two hummingbirds fighting and one killed the other. She wanted to save it, but we finally convinced her that it wasn't such a good idea.

  3. Maybe I should take her to a pet store... or is it just the hummingbirds she likes?

  4. She loves to go to the pet stores too!