Welcome to my blog! I have been intrigued by the idea of a blog for a while now. When I was a girl I always wanted to keep a diary. But, I would get one and keep up with it for a week or two. Hopefully I'll do better with this! This blog probably won't be especially exciting, but if you want to hear about what's going on at our house then just read on!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall 2011

Well, it's fall already and things have been crazy busy around here as usual. I am enjoying not working right now so that I have more time to get things done while the girls are at school and Jonathan is at work. This has been really nice, but I NEED a job! Or just a paycheck! :)

Taylor Tara, and Breanna are riding the bus home to my house every day this school year. It's crazy around here in the afternoons, but it's a lot of fun. :) I pick Megan up since her big sister is going to a different school this year and wouldn't ride the same bus with her. This is nice though because it gives me and Megan a little one on one time before the big girls get home.

I am amazed constantly by how fast time is flying by and trying not to think about the fact that in just a few short months my girls will be 13 and 10! Hello teen and tween drama! Not that we don't already have drama around here. :)

Taylor had an outpatient procedure and is healing up nicely from that. We are anxiously awaiting the results from the test to make sure that the spots they removed weren't Melanoma. I'm expecting the results to be negative and so is the doctor, but it will be a relief to actually hear that. She has done well, but isn't used to pain, if there is such a thing. (being used to pain). She needs my help to get her hair washed and to get dressed, and has had a hard time getting comfortable to sleep because of where the incisions are. Megan is acting up a little bit this week. I suspect because Taylor is getting extra attention. She especially doesn't like it when Taylor misses school and she has to go. I asked her if she wanted me to cut two big holes in her arms so she could stay home. She didn't like that idea.

Megan has been doing better this school year. She still doesn't like to get up and go to school in the mornings. But, we don't have screaming crying fits every morning. We do some mornings, but it's not every morning like it was last year. I'm still not sure what to do about this. It seems I have tried everything. She has decided that she would like to try playing volleyball and basketball this next year. I really think she would enjoy it if she could get over the fact that playing sports involves people sitting around watching you. Lol. She loves to be active.
Megan's newest obsession is making lists. She has made ALL kinds of lists. Especially Christmas lists. She likes to "shop" on Amazon.com and make lists of all the things she likes. She knows she's not going to get everything on her lists, and doesn't expect to, she just likes making them. Maybe she'll be really organized when she grows up. She definitely didn't get that from her Momma. I make lists sometimes, but that is just because I can't remember things if I don't! Lol