Welcome to my blog! I have been intrigued by the idea of a blog for a while now. When I was a girl I always wanted to keep a diary. But, I would get one and keep up with it for a week or two. Hopefully I'll do better with this! This blog probably won't be especially exciting, but if you want to hear about what's going on at our house then just read on!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

Spring is almost here! Spring is almost here! I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself, but with all this warm weather, things are starting to bloom and it's starting to look like spring around here. Since my last post so many things have happened. Let's see if I can remember them all...

We got the results back from Taylor's biopsy, and thankfully they were negative. We had our big Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house for the first time this year. She did a great job! Our Aunts have told us that they are tired of hosting the holidays and it is time for the younger generation to start taking it over. So, guess who had the big Christmas party? Yours truly! I was really nervous about pulling it off, but it went really well. I don't remember the exact count, but I think we had about 35 people. I've had that many people over before, but just for casual get togethers. Mainly youth devos. Speaking of which, we also hosted 2 youth devotionals at our house. One for the 7th-12th grade kids and one for the 4th-6th grade kids. Those are always so much fun!

We have also had our share of illness in our extended family. We are so thankful that everyone is doing okay now. First, my mother started having problems with her back. She had an MRI and found out that she had (and still has) one bulging disc and two discs that are sitting on top of each other. Then, the back problems caused nerve damage and she broke her leg. Both bones, right at the ankle! She had to have surgery to repair that. Then, we found out that when they did the MRI they found a tumor on one of her kidneys. The doctor was sure it was cancer and she had surgery to remove one of her kidneys. He said that this type of tumor usually has no symptoms until it is too late. After the surgery, we found out that they tumor WASN'T cancer, but most likely would have had to be removed anyway. She wasn't happy that she probably could have waited to have a WHOLE KIDNEY removed! Now, she has cracked her ankle again and is back in the boot!

After all that, my mother in law had a stay in the hospital and my brother in law had to have surgery to remove his gall bladder. Then my baby niece had pneumonia, and my Grandmother had to stay in the hospital for pneumonia. Most recently my baby niece had surgery to have tubes put in her ear. I am so thankful that all of these things weren't too serious and have had a good outcome and everyone is recovering now. But my nerves would like to have a break from worrying about people that I love.

We have also had some deaths in the family this month. My Papaw (my mother's dad) passed away last week. He had been in the nursing home for about a year and had congestive heart failure, then his kidneys failed. A couple of weeks ago, Jonathan's uncle, Carl Rosenblum passed away. And, just a few days ago, Lena's brother in law passed away. That's 3... and I am praying that the old wives tale that bad things come in threes is true and that will be all for a while.

There are lots of things I am looking forward to! Did I mention it is almost spring?! This winter hasn't been that cold, but it has seemed especially rainy and dreary. My depression always seems to act up in the winter and this one has been especially rough. I am doing another craft show in March! I have a lot of work to do for that! I am also in charge of a puppet team for Lads to Leaders again this year. We haven't even started and I'm getting very anxious about it! But, we always manage to pull it off! The girls are both doing speeches, puppets, and Art Says it at Lads to Leaders this year. And, Taylor is doing Group Scrap Book, Songs of Praise, and Good Samaritan. Think that's enough? LOL. Lads is April 6th, and we have 5 weeks to finish getting ready for it. YIKES! I better get going!

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